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I once told a secret,

the kind you never keep, ya know

I told this secret to more than myself

and opened the doors of the secret to many

unclean minds and unkempt personalities

But the secret was never mine to tell,

because it was never a secret

From the start they filled their emotions

with abundance of mystery and surprise

While all the time I stayed silent

I kept quiet, undisturbed by their need for

something greater than themselves

Yet I drifted during their commitment to conspiracy

“The masses are at their weakest”, I heard

from somewhere above, or in my head

The voice told me what they needed to know

I did not ask if which is said was true, yet only had

the utmost loyalty to the being’s spell

I came to attention in front of the masses, poised and proper

and commanded immediate silence

“You will be conquerors of new worlds!”, for ending America’s first people

“You will grow great plantations!”, for slavery will cripple our health

“You will find great wealth in this land!”, for oil will fuel global greed

“You will learn new ways to reach God!”, for religion will be the basis of all wars

And so I tell them,

Because they listen to their leader

I only tell them what they need to know

Because they are a sleeping people

And do not see the consequence of their existence.

And so it began,

the bottomless descent into the pit,

into a hole where no captives are liberated,

sheep with no wool,

A man with no name, he came

and told the others “It was me”

They were flabbergasted by his breath

that stank with ignited hatred and

agitated by his empty gaze, so much so

that when he left, they misunderstood his arrival

They see shadows, shapes that combine

and form into monsters, and then dissolve

into a rocky wall

Above ground the men talk about the forgotten,

the ones with no sight, no mind of their own

But below, the ones who see shadows,

will never know that this place was never theirs to be

Truth is a Quiet Voice

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Came across this blog, and I can’t help but just see the light in this blogger’s work. “Truth is a quiet voice”

Originally posted on with no one but Me.:

In a rowdy crowd where everyone yells,
The loudest person gets his point across. 
But the loudest person is always the most foolish.

The more desperate you are to get your point across, 
the more desperate your point is.

No. See my point transcends debate. 
What I believe isn’t something to yell about.

Because truth is a quiet voice
But when it’s heard it’s known
And when it’s known it transforms.

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For supreme loyalty,

We fed them bread

To keep them entertained,

We cultivated their thirst for blood

Behind closed doors are robes

And red wine and desserts that

Tease metaphors

Slim pie slices devoured represent just who we are,

The dominant minority

But with doors wide open, locks unlocked

They want to be independent,

So we fed them bread

They were a skeptical population so,

We told them falsehoods proved true,

With guilty facts

They wished to rise, so many

Eyes widened for instinctual truth

But we fed them bread because

a full stomach never grumbles,

or threatens disobedience

Today they revolted, disbanded from us

Crying ‘conspiracy!’ and ‘corporate devils!’

Tomorrow they will return, starved and apologetic

And we will feed them bread

When did the celebration of birthdays begin? In what culture did the celebration of birthdays begin?

Today is my father’s birthday, and today he is now a senior citizen. He has never been one to celebrate a birthday. From what I hear, when he joined the Navy when he was 19, he never received too many gifts except from his mother. Not receiving gifts isn’t what disheartened him about birthdays, to him it’s another day. I think I’ve grown up to enjoy that sense of non-receiving as well, as I don’t want much for my birthday other than the usual pat on the back or whatever. Let’s make it an occasion to get together, that’s all.

One of the purposes of this blog is to think about where humanity will be in the 22nd century. Why look so far ahead in the future, instead of looking at the issues that will hit us within the next 9 decades? Well, for one, I don’t think there is much I can do to change the fact that we have global warming, deepening hatred between religions and cultures, and Mother Nature just not giving a f*ck.

I think humanity will prevail. Perhaps we may have many setbacks in these coming decades, but I think in the 22nd century we will finally see a Utopia-like environment for humanity. But what about birthdays?

In Ray Kurzweil’s “The Singularity” he discusses the fact that humans will be able to basically transplant themselves from one physical body to another. The body acts as an encasing of the mind, essentially allowing the individual to live forever.

Birthdays in the 22 Century: The birthday party supplies business will thrive. Cakes will still be made (who knows out of what, though), and abundant prodigy children will no longer receive hand rattles for their first birthdays, but instead books that they can read before they can talk. Damn technology…just keeps making everything easier for us! And already grown folks will, like I said, essentially live forever. SO maybe the birthday business will actually die, because birth no longer has meaning in the 22nd century, as humans are cultivated as soon as they are conceived to live without fear of death.