We Fed Them Bread – a poem by a 22nd Century Philosopher

Posted: May 31, 2013 in Century 22 Philosophy
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For supreme loyalty,

We fed them bread

To keep them entertained,

We cultivated their thirst for blood

Behind closed doors are robes

And red wine and desserts that

Tease metaphors

Slim pie slices devoured represent just who we are,

The dominant minority

But with doors wide open, locks unlocked

They want to be independent,

So we fed them bread

They were a skeptical population so,

We told them falsehoods proved true,

With guilty facts

They wished to rise, so many

Eyes widened for instinctual truth

But we fed them bread because

a full stomach never grumbles,

or threatens disobedience

Today they revolted, disbanded from us

Crying ‘conspiracy!’ and ‘corporate devils!’

Tomorrow they will return, starved and apologetic

And we will feed them bread

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  1. you dont like church much (; Great poem.
    Jim (aka RunningSon)

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