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The light at the end

Is just the end of a tunnel

A metaphor to lonely disguise

A reason to keep going

Just a light, one that with

Constant fuel will lead you out of the darkness.

Where will I be tomorrow?

A year from now?

By the time I finish writing this?

Is death even in my future?

The constant upgrades to technology through

The savagery and greed of money

Current generations don’t see the light

Because they dare not look at what it is in their future.

What is going to happen you ask?

Disasters, natural and man made


Utopia, natural and man made


Is it possible that what some say is true? That the NBA can be rigged? Any sports fans out there? Do YOU like “King” James?

Not me. I don’t like King James. But it IS true though, for all haters out there, that he is the best basketball player in the league. No denying it. As I’m watching Game 7 in Miami I can’t help but realize how much of a circus the NBA has turned into. It is as if every player that gets the ball tries to make some miraculous AND1 type move. I love the aggression.

West just got knocked out of bounds by some awesome Miami defense, but the game will be the epitome of the phrase “Battle of the Big Men“. Hibbert, Bosh, West, Anderson, Stephenson, Lebron, and the quick shooters, Allen, Chalmers, George, and Hill. How many out of those 10 players are floppers?

A game 7 was almost predictable, considering the NBA being rigged and all. Money is the most powerful motivator that man has ever encountered. My prediction is Miami wins –  96 – Indiana loses – 91. What’s yours?

SO I leave you with a poem; a message of deeper thought.

Do YOU like King James?

The love of money is the root of all evil,

But money is the root to greed.

Money holds the deep earth with tentacles,

and breathes life into seduction.

The resurrection of Jesus was sold to a dream

For money rooted the sleep of religion.

“The King will return!”, they say,

And he indeed has, with fire on his chest.

The King is what the people want most

An entertainer, a cohesive unit of

flame, but an individual that sparks

Revolution, through the dominance of the ring.