My Chihuahua-Dachshund aka Chi-Weenie

Posted: June 6, 2014 in Century 22 Philosophy
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Mia Maria!! Mia Marie! Mee-Muhwee!!

I have a daughter, her name is Mia. She has 4 short legs but they are long for a dog of her type. She has a long body type because of the dachshund in her but she has a chihuahua face.

I came into contact with this pretty little pup through an ex-girlfriend, whose aunt had purchased it from a crack head for $10. During the break-up it was decided I would take the puppy. She was just too cute, and if I didn’t get her she would have been given away and lost forever.

10322807_10203185480174593_5405206051295689088_nA pet is an amazing creature. She helped me through that hard time in my life just by being a happy creature who was going to love me no matter how I felt. The sheer velocity of her tail wag made one think how it might not fall off and fly away given the chance that it could. She was about 8 weeks when I got her, and now she is about two years old and has not lost one bit of her personality.

The only time she was mad and stayed to herself was when she was fixed. I can only imagine what her children would be like.

I love this girl, for I have not felt loved unconditionally by any other creature for a long time. There is a woman in my life now who has shown me much love, but the love of a pet is like that of no other being in existence.

How has your pet affected your life?

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