Science of Taking Advantage of Fat Consumers

Posted: June 6, 2014 in Century 22 Philosophy
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It is no secret that Wal-Mart attracts a bunch of grocery shoppers for its low cost items. Not all of it is low cost, but the sheer size of the place makes one wonder whether or not they are entering a building that comprises very famous monuments or politicians. But politicians shop at Meijer and Costco where I’m from. Except the Walton family.

Not only does Wal-Mart take advantage of consumers, businesses take advantage of Wal-Mart taking advantage of consumers.

Think about it: tell me one Wal-Mart where there isn’t a Culver’s, an Arby’s, or some other form of fast food chain right across the parking lot. And if there is not, then I can guarantee there is a Subway, or a McDonald’s, right inside the door to the behemoth of all stores. People love to eat, and food retailers know that. Each Wal-Mart attracts thousands of people per day. How many of those people, after purchasing hundreds of dollars worth of food, ironically leave the grocery store and then buy fast food before driving home?

I do. All the time. Because Beef ‘n Cheddars rock my world, baby

“Those fast food chains are genius, man, I mean, how do they know I’m hungry after I leave the grocery store?! It blows my mind!” <–in my stoner voice

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