About the future

“The future unfolds with every breath we take, and continues forward even when we cease breath.”

I am not sure what to write here. Except perhaps that thinking is the primary talent in my life. Odd that such an instinctual human aspect could be deemed a ‘talent’. However, it seems that I have more time on my hands to think than I actually want to. I think about lots of things. I think about women a lot, as well as sports, mainly basketball (Bulls fan!). I love to think about behaviors I see other people take in their everyday actions.

Sometimes I think about stupid things, like why would someone put 2 onion rings on a hamburger instead of one. Is it because their father taught them to do that? Is it because they know their spouse will not want to kiss them with onion breath?

Yup, that’s me. I remember a college psychology professor once said that human beings frequently experience outrageous thoughts that would be deemed uncivil in society. As he said this, a young female student walked by, and he said “Perhaps as this attractive young female passes by, my mind instantly gravitates to raping her.” I was astounded, and could not believe that someone would say such a thing. Then I started really thinking. He was right. Sometimes I see squirrels on the side of the road, and I instantly think of running them over. How absurd. I love animals. But it would be so fun.

I am an avid thinker of the future. I enjoy reading about the Singularity and the mesh of human biology and man-made technology. I also enjoy reading classic literature, from The Great Gatsby to To Kill A Mockingbird, as well as modern novels, such as Dan Brown and Tom Clancy.

I watch lots of movies and TV shows on Netflix of course, because cable is so overrated. I work as an Internet marketer, more specifically a Shopping Feed Manager.

I grew up with oppressed people, people in poverty who found strength in small amounts of means to get them by. My first passion in life was basketball, and my second passion was checkers, where I was once considered a “master” at the age of 14. My third passion in life was a woman.

I’m just a philosopher at heart.


  1. LA Clips… but if Chris Paul takes off, they may slip in to obscurity again.
    Hi, Im Jim. Got alot in common. I’ll be following.

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