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I’m going to work on my tan this summer as well as my body and mind. I’d like to look good in front of the mirror so I can take selfies and send them to Facebook and people in my contact list.

Selfies are an odd type of picture, one that was common enough for a term to be designated to it. I can only imagine the world’s first selfie, most likely taken with the world’s first camera. Wouldn’t a photographer want to see how a person would look in the picture he was taking? If he wasn’t testing it on someone, maybe he tested it on himself. I’m not going to Google to find out when the world’s first camera came about, but I imagine it was in the 1800’s.

Would we have a seen a young man with a weird hat and suspenders taking a picture of himself? Did he use a hashtag?

There’s this weird page on Facebook that you can follow called “Inked and Sexy”. Before it was pictures of sexy people with tattoos and now the administrator just posts links to selfie fails, or selfie successes, or other types of non-sensical time passing crap. Some of them are funny, like the one where the girl takes a bathroom selfie while there is poop in the toilet. Or the one where the girl takes a half-naked selfie with her dirty ass child in the background playing in mounds of dirty laundry.

All I can say is that summer is here, and selfies will be in full force this year new filters for Instagram pics that make people look tan and gorgeous. I am surprised they don’t have an “ugly-to-cute” filter, but I think that’s what most of them are anyways.

Mia Maria!! Mia Marie! Mee-Muhwee!!

I have a daughter, her name is Mia. She has 4 short legs but they are long for a dog of her type. She has a long body type because of the dachshund in her but she has a chihuahua face.

I came into contact with this pretty little pup through an ex-girlfriend, whose aunt had purchased it from a crack head for $10. During the break-up it was decided I would take the puppy. She was just too cute, and if I didn’t get her she would have been given away and lost forever.

10322807_10203185480174593_5405206051295689088_nA pet is an amazing creature. She helped me through that hard time in my life just by being a happy creature who was going to love me no matter how I felt. The sheer velocity of her tail wag made one think how it might not fall off and fly away given the chance that it could. She was about 8 weeks when I got her, and now she is about two years old and has not lost one bit of her personality.

The only time she was mad and stayed to herself was when she was fixed. I can only imagine what her children would be like.

I love this girl, for I have not felt loved unconditionally by any other creature for a long time. There is a woman in my life now who has shown me much love, but the love of a pet is like that of no other being in existence.

How has your pet affected your life?

It is no secret that Wal-Mart attracts a bunch of grocery shoppers for its low cost items. Not all of it is low cost, but the sheer size of the place makes one wonder whether or not they are entering a building that comprises very famous monuments or politicians. But politicians shop at Meijer and Costco where I’m from. Except the Walton family.

Not only does Wal-Mart take advantage of consumers, businesses take advantage of Wal-Mart taking advantage of consumers.

Think about it: tell me one Wal-Mart where there isn’t a Culver’s, an Arby’s, or some other form of fast food chain right across the parking lot. And if there is not, then I can guarantee there is a Subway, or a McDonald’s, right inside the door to the behemoth of all stores. People love to eat, and food retailers know that. Each Wal-Mart attracts thousands of people per day. How many of those people, after purchasing hundreds of dollars worth of food, ironically leave the grocery store and then buy fast food before driving home?

I do. All the time. Because Beef ‘n Cheddars rock my world, baby

“Those fast food chains are genius, man, I mean, how do they know I’m hungry after I leave the grocery store?! It blows my mind!” <–in my stoner voice

I recently began the book trilogy written by Stieg Larsson and so far I have only finished the first one “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”. I was seriously curious about the aspect of murder.

Murder is a crazy but normal part of life for many people. Where I grew up in Illinois murder happens every day as often and as regular as you drink your coffee when you wake for work. The concept of the first Larsson book was intriguing to say the least. ‘

If you haven’t read it, you must. The story follows a journalist and a computer hacker who partner up to solve what they thought was a murder of a wealthy man’s niece. The mystery is entangled and the surprise is to die for! Who would of thought the ending would take the turn it did?

But what makes people murder? Poverty can increase the risk of someone being a killer, but I am more curious about those who enjoy killing. What is it about them? Is it a gene passed to children from parents and activated in the child? If this is so, perhaps serial murderers could be prevented by little nanobots that would swim into the brain and turn off those genes. Google Ray Kurzweil and see what he thinks on this sort of technology! He is a very smooth-skinned old guy who thinks he will live forever. Hopefully he isn’t murdered.

Random thoughts on what makes someone murder. Love, lust, mental-illness, poverty environments, anything else?



Last night as I was falling asleep I started thinking about this blog I started last year about philosophy and basically just a one stop shop for my thoughts to be deplored. After the first couple of posts I sort of gave up, not because I didn’t enjoy it, but more because I’m lazy and have a weakness for being unsettling. At least I’m honest.

With that being said, I decided today to take a look at the damn thing, and wouldn’t ya know it, the very last post I did was exactly one year ago from today. June 6th, 2013, marked the post of “A Poem About the Future – by a 22nd century philosopher”. I remember writing this thing and it brought me back to my mindset last year.

I was still somewhat getting used to being single again, although it had been almost a year since the break-up. The hardest part about life at that time was just searching for who I was, who I wanted to be, and who I wanted to be around.

Was my mind subliminally telling me it was time to return? Does the mind work in that way? The way in which it reflects back to a certain time that serves has a starting point from an exact moment? I don’t know, but I found it very interesting…

Tell me how writing helps you find who you are