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I’m going to work on my tan this summer as well as my body and mind. I’d like to look good in front of the mirror so I can take selfies and send them to Facebook and people in my contact list.

Selfies are an odd type of picture, one that was common enough for a term to be designated to it. I can only imagine the world’s first selfie, most likely taken with the world’s first camera. Wouldn’t a photographer want to see how a person would look in the picture he was taking? If he wasn’t testing it on someone, maybe he tested it on himself. I’m not going to Google to find out when the world’s first camera came about, but I imagine it was in the 1800’s.

Would we have a seen a young man with a weird hat and suspenders taking a picture of himself? Did he use a hashtag?

There’s this weird page on Facebook that you can follow called “Inked and Sexy”. Before it was pictures of sexy people with tattoos and now the administrator just posts links to selfie fails, or selfie successes, or other types of non-sensical time passing crap. Some of them are funny, like the one where the girl takes a bathroom selfie while there is poop in the toilet. Or the one where the girl takes a half-naked selfie with her dirty ass child in the background playing in mounds of dirty laundry.

All I can say is that summer is here, and selfies will be in full force this year new filters for Instagram pics that make people look tan and gorgeous. I am surprised they don’t have an “ugly-to-cute” filter, but I think that’s what most of them are anyways.